The Alliance of Retired Public Servants is campaigning for pension restoration before 2021

The Alliance of Retired Public Servants represents over 140,000 retired public servants and has been recognised since 2013 by successive Ministers for Public Expenditure and Reform as the representative body for public service pensioners.

Most public service pensions were reduced on foot of emergency powers under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (FEMPI) Acts 2010 to 2015 introduced to deal with the impact of the financial crash.  The Programme for Partnership Government commits the current administration to fully restore pensions for retired public servants by 2021 and the Alliance is looking to bring this timeline forward. On average about 4,000 retired public servants die each year so if the current completion date of 2021 for full restoration is stuck with, then over 40,000 people will have died by that time on reduced pensions – pensions that they contributed to during their working lives.

This is why the Alliance is campaigning for:

  • The restoration of pensions reduced under the FEMPI Acts before the Government’s proposed date of 2021 (including full restoration for post February 2012 retirees who are being seriously discriminated against);
  • The provision of increases for those on pensions of €12,000 or less who haven’t had an increase since 2007 – 10 years ago.

In addition, ARPS is seeking access for retired public servants to State industrial relations machinery.